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Your boat is a major investment. Proper care is essential in preserving the exposed surfaces and the value of your vessel. Boaters need to know how the sun, salt water and other elements can take their toll on fiberglass, gel coat, metal and vinyl. Detailing seals protect your gel coat, extending the life of your vessel. Metal surfaces must be polished, removing corrosion and inhibiting future damage. Isinglass needs regular polishing and sealing to maintain clarity and prevent yellowing and clouding. Please contact us to make an appointment, our mobile team will come to your location.  

Washing is a vital service that every vessel requires. Having your boat washed professionally will extend it’s life. Salt water can be very harmful to every type of surface when it’s not removed properly. Salt water left on a boat will etch water spots into the surface of the gel coat, glass, vinyl and Isinglass; it is corrosive and will destroy your metal quickly. Even waxed boats that are NOT washed regularly will also develop etched watermarks and corrosion on the metal.

Professional Wash Services

• Wash all exterior surfaces

• Cleaning of non-skid, vinyl and canvas

• Clean Isinglass and windows

• Chamois dry all surfaces

• Vacuum exterior carpets


The eco-friendly way to get your car washed, we use approximately 6 ounces of water per vehicle, compared to the gallons wasted at a regular wash.