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ECO Mobile Detailing - Testimonials

Eco Mobile Detailing gets two thumbs way way up from me. Being an environmentalist and such I was impressed on how well they were able to save as much water as they did from washing my car being in a drought these days. Its hard for me to go to the average car wash because I think about all the water that is wasted and it makes me cringe on the inside. We need to do all we can to save as much water as possible. These guys performance was incredible my car came out looking how it did when I first purchased it. Very impressed how they handled my car as if it was their own with so much care.  I'll definitely be giving them a holler down the road for future washes and detailing.

The guys finally put up their yelp page, so I need to write a review on the awesome job they did. I have been a customer with them for about three months now. My uncle recommended them to me.

I had my yacht cleaned 3 months ago and am planning to come back before my trip to Catalina this summer. They cleaned the hull and deck pretty well. No residue and looks much better now. 

Cost wise, very good. The quality of work was definitely worth the money I paid. Super friendly too.

As I said, I am coming back again and will recommend them to my friends in the Huntington Beach area.

Ansel literally made my car like new!! TOTAL BAWSE. Amazing. I brought in a dirty nasty Honda sedan with layers of Los Angeles crust, dust, bird doo and soot (conserving water due to California drought) and I walked out from my trader joes trip to see what looked like a brand new car. I DID NOT expect this. And I went with the most affordable option too. Interior vacuumed spotlessly as well. What a lovely surprise and simply the nicest people, Miguel as well. What a great team. If you are ever in this plaza, why bother looking for parking? Just leave your car with this team. AND WE ALL SAVED WATER?? Brilliant idea and great responsible business model and ingenuity.

Wow! My car was gross. Covered in white pet hair everywhere. My 90lb dog took over the car and I gave up, all he needed was a license and the car was his. Family was visiting so I HAD to get it cleaned. After calling around to get prices I came upon this spot.  BY FAR THE BEST PRICE IN TOWN. Not one white hair anywhere. They did such an amazing job. I'm so so happy. I will def be back when someone is visiting again ;)

Thank you for an amazing job! Not only you made our boat look like new, but my car feels like I just left the dealership! thank you for your professionalism and a friendly service! I will definitely use you guys again and I will recommend your services!

I'm so impressed with how my Mustang turned out! I dropped my car off and picked it up less than 2 hours after. I was so surprised with the amazing job Julian did. My car is literally SPARKLING now :) Best of all, he was able to get out 2 major dents in my car and buffed them so that you can't even see anything was ever there to begin with!! I am definitely coming back to use these services again. Also the pricing was totally reasonable, especially for how high-quality the job was. Highly recommended from my standards :)