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Frequently Asked Questions

How often should you wax your vehicle?

You should wax your vehicle every 3 months, or a good way to remember is to just wax it every change of season.  This will give your vehicle good layers of protection from the weather and external elements.

I am always in a hurry is it ok to just run my vehicle through the automatic car washes?

We are always in a hurry these days, there is never enough time in the day.  Cheap and fast through an automatic wash is going to be expensive later at the detail shop, because we are going to have to remove scratches that automatic washes will cause. 

What if I run my vehicle through an automatic, will it harm my vehicle?

The touch free automatics use a very strong detergent to remove the dirt from your vehicle without touching it.  So just imagine what it is doing to your finish.  It will strip the wax from the paint, then once your wax is gone and you continue to take your vehicle through the automatics it will eat away at your clear coat and then on the color.  It will also strip away the glossy finish from wiper arms, black rubber molding and trim, and black plastic trim. 

What are all these swirl marks in my paint? Can they be Removed?

Swirl marks are most often the result of a bad buff job or they can be caused by improperly washing & waxing a vehicle in the open air. If an inexperienced person uses a high speed buffer to remove scratches from the paint and they use the incorrect steps and product, it will cause swirls and buffer marks in the finish. By washing and waxing a vehicle outside in the exposed air, you have greater possibilities of the wind blowing dirt back on the vehicle and then you are just rubbing that dirt into the paint when you wash it then wax it. At ECO Mobile Detailing, we take all the necessary steps and procedures to make sure that we produce a "swirl free" finish. Swirl marks can be removed if they are not too severe.

I have these water spots on one side of my car. I'm not sure what they are from. Why are they only on one side and I can't remove them?

Most often if we see a vehicle with water spots only on part of a vehicle, our first question that we ask is, "Do you water your lawn"? Water that comes out of your sprinkler has a lot of iron in it that will cause spotting. They can be removed with compounding.